Change~getting unstuck & burning through fears

We all know that change is an inevitable part of life.  Some embrace it.  Some resist it. Some consciously create it. However, just as much as change happens, many of us get in our daily habits and routines and start feeling quite comfortable there.  Sometimes comfort can be a good thing.  Sometimes it’s not.  Quite often, before we know it, we’re not just comfortable, we’re also stuck.

Stuck looks and feels different for different people.  For some being stuck means going passively through their lives doing the same things they’ve always done.  For some it means what I like to call “living in fast-forward” (always going, going, going) and by going and doing and busy-ing themselves all the time, they’re missing out on the new opportunities to grow and evolve.  For some it means listening to that fearful voice in their heads telling them they can only do what they’ve always done.  In all of these cases, their inner spark is being dimmed, and at some point they will notice feeling like their light is completely out.

Lately, I have been working on not only embracing change (I’m more of a resister, myself), but consciously choosing to create it. I am choosing to get out of my comfort zone a little more and mix things up. I continue to remind myself that even small changes can add up to make a big difference! 

Do you consciously create change in your life to keep your inner spark shining?  Or, perhaps life is creating enough change for you on its own~so much so that you’re actually feeling so fearful about all the changes your inner spark is being dimmed.  If this is the case, I’d invite you to step confidently into the change and shine your light brightly, so you can burn right through all those fears! You can do it.

For those needing a little more change action in your life, here are some ideas on how to consciously create it:

*drive a different route to work

*try out a new restaurant

*start a new hobby

*look up new recipes and cook something different for dinner

*walk or run a different route than usual

*begin a yoga practice

*learn to knit

*get a new hairstyle or color

*paint your fingernails neon pink

*start your morning with a few sun salutations and a short meditation

*buy an outfit you would “never” wear

*be fully and completely present with your family and friends

Approach change with a playful attitude.  Have fun.  These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Please share your own sparkling ideas on how to mix life up a bit. Shine your light on others by leaving some comment love!

Here’s to change~one decision at a time! Cheers!

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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7 Responses to Change~getting unstuck & burning through fears

  1. Elizabeth says:

    * pick a place to visit you’ve never been and go!
    *take an unplanned day off and go watch a movie, drink some coffee and just relish life
    *volunteer a day at a charity you have usually given your money to

  2. Kristin says:

    “Live out of your imagination, not your history.” – Stephen Covey
    What better imagination than a child…A two year old keeps me on my toes every day, though I try to fill our days with something new every day, she is my inspiration and keeps my light shining. Try playing with a child, they are AMAZING. (Although Grandpa seems to have just about the same imagination:)

    • Kristin~Love that quote~thanks for sharing it! I spent all day Saturday with my sweet little nephew, and we had so much fun! Little kids are always SO present. They are totally and fully in the moment! Their imaginiations are completely free! Staying connected with our inner child is so important. Sounds like Grandpa’s got his inner child spark glowing, too! 🙂

  3. zazazu says:

    Wow. This is so timely. I love it.

    I’ve really been wanting to branch out with my “look” but I haven’t. I guess maybe THAT is a sign of my rut.

    THANK YOU!!!

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