For over 10 years I’ve been teaching yoga, and for over 10 years I’ve left a “yogathought” (inspirational quote) by each person’s mat in class for them to take with them as they leave.  My intention is that they take their practice and inspiration off the mat and out into their daily lives.  Sometimes a quote might not mean much to someone, but other times it might be exactly what he or she needs at exactly the right time.  Words have power. 

At yesterday’s gentle yoga class, this was the thought I left the yoginis with, and I wanted to also share it with you: 

When you possess light within, you see it externally.  ~Anais Nin

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to Yogathought

  1. TriMomRemade says:

    Sweet! My favorite along the same lines…

    There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

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