The Good You’ve Got

How would you feel if the majority of your thoughts throughout the day focused on what’s right in your life? Take a moment and really think about this question.  My guess is that if we all did this, we would be feeling and living much more sparkling lives! 

Why is it we so often focus on what we might perceive as missing or lacking in our lives, when there is actually so much that is wonderfully right? From a soft  comfy bed to sleep in to a hot cup of coffee in the morning to a home full of life and love to a yard filled with flowers to cars in the garage to a brand new fresh day to music filling the air to fruit in a basket on the counter to a hummingbird at the window….this list could go on and on. 

If you want to get feeling good, start noticing all the good you’ve got. 

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini 


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3 Responses to The Good You’ve Got

  1. TriMomRemade says:

    Blessings abound always! This morning:
    FB chat with my best friend at 6am. Kids sleeping and a chance to catch up from the week.
    Silly sweet text messages from a friend.
    The sun shining in my window as I woke up 🙂

  2. zazazu says:

    I love this.
    I love your blog.
    It is one of the things RIGHT in my life.
    Om shanti.

  3. A wonderful reminder! I love this post! I’m going to share this with a friend of mine who’s going through a difficult time. I hope it inspires her 🙂

    thank you!

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