Inner Spark & Astor Green

This past Thursday marked the one year anniversary of living in our new home.  Although our home was brand new when we purchased it, and we didn’t get to choose any of the colors or fixtures, we have definitely made the house feel like home.  We’ve done loads of landscaping, we put in a glass and stone backsplash, and we decorated the rooms to fit our style.  I’m definitely a Sparkling Yogini who loves to decorate! The living room was the only room that just wasn’t feeling quite right.  It felt blah and lacked color.  Builder’s Beige wasn’t working for me in this room, so Friday I decided it was finally time to paint.

I knew I wanted a calming, yet fun green color.  I also knew green could be an incredibly hard color too choose~you go to bright and it looks like a nursery, you go to olive colored and it resembles pea soup, and so on…I grabbed my paint swatches from the rest of my house and an accent pillow off my sofa and headed to the paint and decorating store.

When I arrived at the store, I showed my current house colors and pillow to the lady working there.  I also showed her a few photos of green rooms I liked off the internet.  She brought over a swatch called Timothy Straw.  My first response was, “No, that’s not exactly what we’re looking for.  It’s got too much yellow.”  She then went back to the swatches of paint, and I followed.  I went directly toward a color called Astor Green and picked it out.  She, meanwhile, got another swatch for me called Dill.  We talked about the colors briefly, then she left me to look at them.  A few minutes later, another employee walked by and asked if I needed help.  I showed her all my swatches and asked which one she liked.  She walked straight over to Timothy Straw (which the first lady had put back on the rack), pulled it off and said, “What about this one?”

“I think it’s too yellow,” I said, but added it to my pile.  I left the store with swatches in hand and on my way home, my mind started debating.  It kept coming back to the fact that both ladies individually had gone straight to Timothy Straw.  Here is the important part:  In my body, I could feel that Timothy Straw was just not quite what we were wanting, but my mind took over:  These women were the “experts,” right?  They work in a paint and decorating store. The fact that they both chose the same color at different times must  be a sign. Timothy Straw it was.

I got home with the swatches and showed them all to my husband.  He, too, first chose Astor Green. I told him how both ladies had chosen Timothy Straw and that while my initial choice was Astor Green, I thought Timothy Straw would go better with our existing colors.  I then headed out to buy 2 gallons of Timothy Straw.  The entire trip I had that feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t going to be right.  I ignored it.

I got home, opened the can of paint, had an initial thought of “Holy Hannah, that is way too yellow,” and then I started painting.  I painted the entire wall (except cutting in at the top) all the while thinking, It will dry more green. It will dry more green. When the light isn’t shining in on it, it looks like what we wanted. Maybe we can leave the blinds down and the lights off all the time, so it will be the color we want. After that thought, I knew I had to head back to the store.  I did, with the Astor Green paint swatch in hand.

On my drive back home with Astor Green, I thought about the fact that just because two women who were “experts” chose the same color, I completely ignored my inner Spark and the fact that I am the expert in my own life.  Although I have said and fully believe our bodies do not lie, I could literally feel in my body the entire time that the Timothy Straw color wasn’t right, yet I let my mind take over.

I am pleased about the fact that I was able to feel my Inner Spark through my body at all. There was a point in my life when I was so disconnected from my body and unaware of my inner Spark that I would not have even felt it. Now, I just need to make sure that I listen to it, and not let my crafty little mind win the next debate.

Our wall is now a beautiful Astor Green, and we are loving it.  It was exactly the dose of color our living room needed to feel more like home!

Have you felt your inner Spark talking to you through your body recently? What is it saying? How would you feel if you listened to it?

Our bodies and Inner Spark do not lie…

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to Inner Spark & Astor Green

  1. Your wall looks great…it definetely adds character to the room. Speaking of inner spark…oh boy! I totally ignore it sometimes just to realize that I should have listened to it. From simple things like “take your time on the way to the bus station…no need to hurry into the 4:20pm bus…there will be a 4:30pm…” and then I run right into the 4:20pm to then get stuck on the road for 2 hrs because of a flood…

  2. Thanks, Priscila. We are really digging the gree color. Just that little bit of color really changes the whole vibe of the room! It’s interesting how sometimes when we don’t listen to our inner Spark, the Universe sets us straight anyway, huh?

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