Yogalicious Life

Living a yogalicious life isn’t just about “doing” yoga and living life. It’s about fully inhabiting your body with a presence that reminds you that you are alive~fully, deeply, vibrantly alive.  It’s about connecting to yourself in a loving, compassionate, deep & accepting way. It’s about realizing you’re a work in progress, and loving yourself & the work even when you’re not digging it.  It’s about listening to your body just as much, if not more than your mind.  It’s about forgiving, healing and moving on.  It’s about experiencing the simple pleasures in life as if they aren’t so simple. It’s about awareness of your true self and ego. It’s about positive risk-taking, stepping into the fire and transformation. It’s about letting go of who you “should” be for who you authentically are. It’s about joy and hope.  It’s about embracing sorrow, so you can fully release it.  It’s about moving physically in a way that creates space in body and mind.  It’s about living with a spirit of gratitude. It’s about every breath reminding you that You. Are. Alive. It’s about freedom, equanimity, passion, and discipline. It’s about surrender and contentment balanced with action and steady movement forward on your path. It’s about looking people in the eyes and seeing their souls.  It’s about smiling at strangers.  It’s about coming home to the peace inside you. It’s about truth and love.

It’s a yogalicious life and everyone has the opportunity to experience it. Just lay down a mat and begin.

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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6 Responses to Yogalicious Life

  1. zazazu says:

    Love this. So true and such a stellar reminder!

  2. I feel like i am definetely on the path to live a yogalicious life but I still have a lot to learn. Somedays I feel just like you described! Somedays…wow…ask my husband…he might describe it better! lol

  3. You said it all, Leslie! Thank you 🙂

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