Shine Your Introverted Self

This post is for all you introverts out there~I’m right there with you~(and any of you extroverts who’d like to understand us better.) First, let’s make sure we have a common understanding of the meaning of introvert

For those who know me, you know I am not shy.  (Many people associate shyness with being introverted, and that is not always the case.) I can easily strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. I was the Commencement speaker for my Master’s Degree ceremony and spoke in front of hundreds of people. During my dating years, I have been known to start up conversations with guys I was interested in (which is actually how I snagged my wonderful husband). All-in-all, I enjoy interacting with people.  This is why for years, I would have said I was an extrovert.  However, after much self-exploration and growth, I now know differently.

You see, I get my energy from time alone rather than time with others.  This is the main indicator of an introvert. When I was teaching, I often stayed in the classroom during lunch rather than going to the teachers’ lounge because I needed some time by myself.  After a long day of counseling, I’m not always jazzed at the thought of happy hour with co-workers~eventhough I really enjoy their company. Interacting with people for long periods of time, usually leaves me feeling a bit depleted~eventhough I enjoy it at the time. I definitely crave my “Leslie-Time.” This time is necessary for me to recharge and refuel. This is just how I am and what I need.  Period. No apologies here for my introverted self!

For some reason, I have noticed introverts can be incredibly hard on themselves…maybe even secretly longing to be an extrovert as if one is better than the other. 100% accepting and embracing your introverted self (if that is truly who you are) is another way to really be able to have the necessary energy to shine your light on others.  Take the time you need to be alone.  Re-energize yourself.  Refuel.  Then, you’ll be ready to put your best and most authentic self out there in the world.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Have you truly embraced and accepted this aspect of yourself?

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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5 Responses to Shine Your Introverted Self

  1. Karen Beth says:

    Introvert all the way and I’m sometimes mistaken for being shy or aloof, neither of which are true.

  2. I got very confused here. I have always thought I was an extrovert person, however, like you I crave my precious “Priscila time”. I also feel depleted after interacting with people for too long. It’s almost like at that time I am the “life of the party”, however, I don’t realize how much energy it sucks out of me.

    So good question… introvert or extrovert? Who knows…maybe just Priscila! lol

    • Hi, Priscila. Here are some other characteristics of introverts: They typically like to think, then act. They are motivated internally, and can be so caught up in their minds, they are somewhat closed to the external world. They prefer one-to-one communication and relationships. Extroverts, on the other hand, often act, then think. They can feel deprived when cut off from the outside world. They are more motivated by the outside world of people and things than internally. They enjoy a wide variety of people and relationships. We all have a bit of each in us. I sometimes like to say I’m an extroverted introvert. 🙂

  3. Robyn says:

    I used to think I was just shy as well. But now that I am older and understand myself more, i definitely notice how tired I get when I am around people for more than 4 hours. I get tired and my mind hurts and sometimes get headaches and generally don’t feel participating in conversation anymore and tense up when people address me directly or touch me to get my attention. A lot of my growth and expanding of my mind happens within and when I am alone. So, I desperately need that alone time in order to shine any light on the world when I do leave my room!

  4. opnamaste says:

    I could have been writing this post myself! I can totally relate. In fact, my husband and I refer to ourselves as the boring couple…..but we like it that way. I enjoy the quiet, and I enjoy the opportunity to have my thoughts and reflections. No apologizes here 🙂 Thanks for sharing a part of your personal self.

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