One of the books I’m currently reading is called The War of Art  by Steven Pressfield. It is a very interesting read that delves into the topic of resistance in a very unique way. Pressfield begins the book by listing activities that most commonly elicit Resistance:

“1) The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, or any creative art, however marginal or unconventional.

 2) The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise, for profit or otherwise.

 3) Any diet or health regimen.

 4) Any program of spiritual advancement.

 5) Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals.

 6) Any course or program designed to overcome an unwholesome habit or addiction.

 7) Education of every kind.

 8) Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage, including the decision to change for the better some unworthy pattern of thought or conduct in ourselves.

 9) The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor whose aim is to help others.

10) Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married, to have a child, to weather a rocky patch in a relationship.

11) The taking of any principled stand in the face of adversity.

In other words, any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health, or integrity. Or, expressed another way, any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower. Any of these will elicit Resistance.”

What does resistance look like in your life? What are you resisting that is keeping your inner Spark dimmed? What’s one small step you could take today to overcome the enemy of resistance? I’m all about peace & love, but this is one war that just might be worth fighting!

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to Resistance

  1. zazazu says:

    Such a neat concept and SO TRUE! I’ve thought many times before that the very things I resist the most are those that don’t produce immediate gratification. That is the type society we are nowadays and I’m absolutely no different.

    I might have to get a copy of this book. Sounds great. Does he go into how to overcome that mindset?

    • Hi, Zazazu. I’m only on page 42 at this point (and there are 131 pages), but I’m hoping that is the direction he’ll take. I definitely believe awareness is the first step to creating change and the book definitely makes you think and become more aware of resistance in your own life. (Of course, after the awareness, action has to be taken, also~which is probably the hardest part and where we really need to fight resistance the most!) I’ll be sharing more excerpts from the book this week! Enjoy your day.

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