Family, Button Pushing, & a Work in Progress

Last weekend, my mother, in her very sweet way, told me that perhaps I needed to read my own blog sometimes (i.e. take my own advice).  I didn’t argue with her (yay me!…although, I will admit this did require taking a deep breath or two), but instead acknowledged that we often teach what we most need to learn, and I am definitely no exception to that. I’m still very much learning, and evolving, and growing. And, most importantly, and much of the time, most difficultly, I’m trying to take what I know in my head and integrate it into my life on a daily basis, so I’m living more truthfully from my heart.  Some days, this is much easier said than done. What I share on this blog is definitely what I’m still trying to learn, and there are a lot of times I need to take my own advice (my husband, my family, my friends, and my co-workers can all attest to this!). My intention in writing this blog is to simply share those things that I feel passionately about and am still working on, and to hopefully ignite a spark in others so they can shine more brightly in their own lives.

This discussion and some other weekend events lead me to also start thinking about how family members always know exactly what buttons to push to get each other riled up. There are times in the past, my sweet mama’s remark, although true, would have really upset me, and I would have started to try to find her buttons to push right back-or I would have bit my tongue but stewed about it for hours or days. I will also admit my little brother knows how to push my buttons the most. (What is it with those little brothers?) In my past life (we’re talking high school here), I’ve been known to spit on his pizza (and not tell him until after he ate it), throw his beloved golf clubs one by one into the front yard, and call him names not worth mentioning here.My dark side definitely came out more than once. Thankfully, now as an adult, I’m doing better, and finding myself taking deep breaths more often when my buttons are pushed. I am a work in progress.  I am becoming a much more aware work in progress which is really what matters most.

I love my family dearly and am incredibly thankful for each and every one of them. I’m consistently at awe at the wonderful father my little brother has become. And, my mom, well, she’s a true inspiration. Will they continue to push my buttons? Sure.  Will there be times I push their’s right back? Definitely. But, my intention is to continually try to interact with them from a place of love because I do love them more than anything. (And yes, Mama & Little Bro, feel free to bring this post up next time I’m getting rowdy.)

Shine Brightly,

Sparkling Yogini ~Leslie (aka Work in Progress)

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