Dog For Sale…well, not really~but almost

If you had been a fly on the wall this evening at my house, you would have seen quite a sight.  After teaching my Tues. afternoon yoga class, I ran a few errands and then came home to do my own yoga practice. I laid down my mat, turned on some tunes, took a deep breath and began.

Often times when I practice at home, my pups are very interested in what’s going on when I first start practicing.  They come over and lick my face a little and walk on my mat, but eventually they lay down and chill out while I breathe deeply and flow. Tonight, that was not the case. Olivia (she’s our miniature schnauzer mix) decided she wanted to take the opportunity to incessantly harrass the cats. I continued to breathe deeply and flow through the chasing and screeching and hissing noise. Ziggy (our oversized cock-a-poo) decided that he wanted to lick my face, lay down on my mat, bring me his chew toy, and while in happy baby pose, he even tried to hump my leg.  I continued to breathe deeply and flow even through this. I remained calm. I even decided he must want some attention because I didn’t give him much when I got home, so while in malasana, I called him over to pet him and rub his belly.  Overall, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for keeping focused and not getting worked up at all the distractions.

At the end of my practice, I took my pony tail down, grabbed my lavender and flax-seed eye pillow for my eyes and settled into savasana (for those who aren’t yogis this is simply the final relaxation position where you lay on your back and let your body soak up all the yummy goodness of your practice).  I relaxed here for a few minutes.  I then rolled to my side, and came up to an easy seat with my eyes closed for a few breaths. I ended my practice by chanting “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.”

As soon as I finished my last “ti” I opened my eyes to see Ziggy with my beloved hair tie (yes, I love my hair tie~it’s one of those nice fabric ones that doesn’t leave lines in your hair or damage it, and I only have a few) in his mouth with pieces ripped to shreds on the floor. I immediately let frustration overtake me, and yelled, “Ziggy, NO!” while slamming my eye pillow on the floor for extra umph. My eye pillow burst open and flax-seed and lavender went everywhere.  I mean everywhere.

I took a breath and actually started laughing at the irony of the scene. Chanting peace and then screaming and hitting things against the floor.  I was quite a sight.  However, in that moment, I made a choice to not let the frustration I initially felt go any farther.  I decided to see the humor in the situation and shift my thinking.  I got out the vacuum and simply vacuumed it all up.  The floor desperately needed vacuuming anyway.

So, do Yoginis lose their cool? Heck, yah…we’re most definitely very human.  But what feels so good is having the awareness  of knowing a shift in thought and a new perspective is only one breath or burst of laughter away.

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to Dog For Sale…well, not really~but almost

  1. Of course we lose our cool!! Sometimes a little too often in my case.

    Loving the new blog Leslie x

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