Presence & the Practice of Coming to Our Senses

I woke up this morning to a rainy, chilly day~perfect for a peaceful, Saturday morning at home with a hot cup of coffee.  I am burning lavender scented aromatherapy oil (which smells heavenly) and enjoying the stillness of the early morning hours.

The practice of presence is a challening and on-going practice for me.  I find my mind is on auto-drive much of the time, and it can literally drive me a bit batty~zapping my energy and leaving me feeling scattered and like I’m being pulled in a gazillion different directions all at once.  Yikes! Beyond using my breath to bring me back into the now, I sometimes also use my senses. 

Try it…if you’ve got a few extra minutes this weekend, try a short senses meditation:  Don’t just drink your coffee, take three to five minutes and really experience it and taste every sip. Don’t just notice the quiet or the music playing, really tune into it and experience the stillness or hear every note of  the melody.  Light a scented candle or incense or aromatherapy oil and take a few minutes to completely experience the yummy smell.

Meditation doesn’t have to be spending an hour on a cushion, it can be infused in a few minutes throughout your day.  Practice noticing and really experiencing short moments in time through your senses. These little micro-movements towards presence can make a big difference.

Please leave some comment love if you have other ideas of how to use your senses to practice presence or tell me about your senses meditation you plan to do. I’d be grateful to hear from you!

Wishing you loads of light and love this weekend.

Shine Brightly,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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