Weekend with Kathryn Budig

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It is rare for well-known Yoga instructors from the coasts to come to the mid-west (specifically Missouri) to offer workshops and classes.  I was thrilled when I found out Kathryn Budig was coming to KC, MO.  I consider her a Queen of Arm Balances, and this is an area I need a lot more work on, as my regular practice tends to consist more of flowing, standing power poses, and flexibility.

Kathryn was incredibly down-to-earth~she’s actually from Kansas, and she definitely had that mid-western girl feel about her.  Although I really enjoyed all the challenging yoga postures we practiced, one of the best parts of the workshop was when she lectured on her philosophy, Aim True.  She talked about making choices on a daily basis (both on and off the mat) from a place of love rather than fear (if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know this is right up my alley!) 

She also talked a lot about the stories we tell ourselves that are fear based. For example, when we encounter a really difficult yoga pose or anything else in our life that we would like to do, our story may immediately be, “I can’t do that.” With this type of thinking, we are most likely exactly right.  But even a small shift in thinking to, “Someday I will be able to do that” we are opening the door to possibility.  She made sure to emphasize we should not put deadlines or dates on when we want things to happen, but instead put the intention out there, stay open to the possibility, take action (practice, practice, practice) and then let it organically happen.

Perhaps this week when you get an idea or desire, you will notice if your mind immediately goes into the fearful state of thinking, “I could never to that.” Then, you’ll make a conscious decision to shift that thought to “Someday I can or will.”  With continued thinking in a way that is open to possibility, we can then begin to start to feel that we will, and feeling is key. Just try it. In order to shine brightly, we must continually choose love and light over fear!

Sparkle On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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