Words of Wisdom

Here are some words of wisdom from Ganga White’s book Yoga Beyond Belief:

“How would you act if you received a wonderful new car when you were sixteen years of age but were told that this was to be your only vehicle for your entire lifetime?  How would you care for it? Although our bodies change and are self-healing, we do in fact have only one body for our lifetime.  Acknowledging this fact and treating the body accordingly is an important part of taking the long view.  We are all subject to setbacks from circumstance, accident, injury, or illness.  Yogis learn to gather tools to rebalance themselves and to become self-healers. Many students are concerned or worried that they do not make progress quickly enough.  It is actually fairly easy to stay where you are now, maintaining current levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance for many years.  Most people would be pretty happy if they could be in the physical condition they are in today twenty years from now. ”

Where will you be in twenty years from now? Do you often take better care of your car than your body? Do you want to commit to treating your body with more care, compassion, and love? Today is the day.

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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