Scheduling some Self-Care

This afternoon I have a dentist appointment (yuck–although necessary and important, I know) and then a 90 minute massage.  I LOVE getting massages, but only splurge on them about once every three or four months.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I had one.  It’s been a while, and it’s definitely time! 

Usually if we don’t schedule in self-care it just does not happen.  Day-to-day life takes over and before we know it, we’re feeling run-down, depleted, and sometimes even sick. 

Get out your calendar and schedule in some self-care time!  Here are some of my favorite, sparkly ways to take care of myself:

*getting a massage

*getting a pedi

*taking a walk at a park

*my yoga practice (of course!)

*having coffee dates with friends

*browsing bookstores

What are yours?

Peace, Love, & Light,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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4 Responses to Scheduling some Self-Care

  1. Wow, all of these are my favorite too! However, getting a pedi is long overdue for me, so that’s on the top of the list. I also love relaxing on the couch with a fun book and drinking tea 🙂

  2. zazazu says:

    Wow! Perfect timing!
    I was thinking as I was walking my dog this morning that I need to make a list of good self-care things that I can do to really keep me as a priority. I had an hour long massage last week and it was lovely but I need more daily things. I HAVE started feeling depleted to the point of being sick and that isn’t good.
    Thanks for the boost!

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