October Favorites ~2011

Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful, fall month:

Teaching my Tuesday afternoon yoga classes on the deck at Yoga Sol!

Love & appreciate my dedicated Yoga Sol Yoginis and Yogis!

Spending time with my Sweet Husband.

Still reading and loving this book…so many great yoga nuggets of wisdom.

Taking care of a skinny, stray kitty who showed up at our home.

She’s adopted us, & her name is Karma.

(She’ll be an outside cat~we just can’t bring in one more animal.

She likes to eat, and she’s looking much better already!)

Revlon Siren Lipstick

This lipstick is AMAZING~but not for the un-adventurous!

It is BRIGHT orange.

Yoga Workshops with the fabulous Sadie Nardini.

She is fierce~that’s for sure!

*Decaf Chocolate Carmel Coffee w/ a scoop of whipped cream*


*Spending the weekend with friends at the Lake of the Ozarks*

*Pinterest~I adore the eye candy!*

As always, so much to be thankful for!

What are some of your October favorites?

Love & Light,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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