Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence

Ok, all you Yogis and Yoginis out there, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a yoga sequence, so get out your mat, eyepillow, and favorite yoga cd and get ready to be challenged and sweat out all those toxins! Enjoy!

Sparkling Yogini Power Flow Yoga Sequence: 

*Begin in Child’s Pose~stay here for 5-10 deep, ujjayi breaths and set an intention for your practice*

*Warm up doing 5-10 Sun Salutations*

(Practice the following sequence holding each pose 3-5 deep breaths)

 *Mountain Pose*

*Warrior 3 (lifting right leg)*

*Half Moon*

*Revolving Half Moon*

*Standing Split*

*From standing split, right leg steps back into a High Lunge (or drop your back knee if you need to!)*

*Revolving Side Angle*

(This next one can be a tricky transition, just do the best you can with it!)

*Side plank (left arm down, right arm up)*


*Downward Facing Dog*

*Lift your left leg for a 3-legged dog*

*Swing the left leg through and come back into a standing split (right leg lifted again~hold this time for only one or two breaths)*

Another challenging transition coming~just give it a try!

*From standing split, come to standing on your left leg by bringing your right knee into your chest as you rise without letting your right leg touch the floor. Then, move into Standing Big Toe Pose (or just keep holding your knee to your chest if you’re not yet able to grab your big toe and straighten your leg)*

*End the sequence in mountain pose*

(Repeat on the other side)

Make sure to end your practice with some yummy yin poses and…

don’t forget to breathe!

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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