Holiday Happenings & December 2011 Favorites

The month of December has sure flown by.  Here are some photos of holiday happenings merged with my December 2011 favorites:

Hosting a holiday dinner for friends~complete with photos for place cards, a yummy lasagna meal, santa hats for dessert, and the company of good friends!

Hosting a holiday brunch for Sweet Husband’s parents.

Spending time with Mom’s side of my family on Christmas Eve.

Spending time with Dad’s side of my family on Christmas day.

Clarasonic Mia: my Christmas gift from my Mom & step-dad. My face has never felt so clean as after using this handy little gadget! (purchased and photograph from QVC)

 Ally McBeal Complete Boxed set (one of my Christmas gifts from Sweet Husband).  Watching these brings back loads of good memories and is sure to result in some great belly laughs~so good for the soul!

Yogarat Yoga mat towel~Love this!  It has been keeping me from slipping during my yoga practice, and I snagged it for a major bargain price at Marshalls. I also picked one up for Sweet Husband as one of his Christmas gifts, too!

Truly I could go on and on here~living with a spirit of gratitude means you always have a bunch of favorites~so many people, experiences, and things to be thankful for! 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love, peace, favorites & sparkles!

I’d love to hear about some of your holiday favorites, too. 

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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3 Responses to Holiday Happenings & December 2011 Favorites

  1. Kristin says:

    It is hard to choose favorites…Of course, a million Christmas moments with a two year old, the magic is so alive. A fav was one day as she asked me if there was anything in her stocking and I said, “No, honey, it’s not Christmas yet.” Her reply, “But I’ve been a good girl!” My new keurig coffee maker, which will hopefully cut down on my trips to a coffee house. Family staying with us from out of town; Playing at the park in late December! Charlie Gittos for dinner with only my immediate family; a gift of a trip to Chicago in 2 weeks, I can’t wait! Bonne annee! HAPPY new year!

  2. Carrie says:

    Hi Leslie! Merry Christmas! I kinda stopped blogging and even checking my blogs a long time ago now. With this time off over the holidays I decided to look and see what’s new with the bloggers I used to follow. The new blog looks great! Maybe I’ll start again …..

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