Sparkling Fearlessness

After much reflection, I’ve decided my 2012 theme of the year is Sparkling Fearlessness.  I probably don’t need to go into much explanation for the “sparkling” part, huh?…I’ll be continuing to live with an intention to shine my authentic light in all that I say and do, to tune into my inner spark and let it lead me as much, if not more, than my head, & to enjoy adding a dash of flash & sparkle (whether this mean carrying a silver, sequined, metallic purse or popping on some bright fuschia lipstick) in every way that I can!  

My intention to choose love over fear in all situations is the 2nd part of my 2012 theme.  I will regularly be found wearing the necklace above from Me & Ro that says “Abhaya” or “Fearlessness” in Sanskrit (you know how I love me some jewelry with meaning) as a reminder that in each moment I have a choice: I can choose love. I can be fierce. I can  choose to be fearless.  Somehow I missed this lesson growing up.  Too many times I’ve allowed fear and anxiety to creep their slinky, slimy ways into my body and mind, and then impact my decisions. I’ve also often been one to choose the safe route, to please others at all costs, and to avoid risks. So, 2012 is the year I am intentionally changing that.  It is going to be a year of Sparkling Fearlessness for this Sparkling Yogini!

Have you chosen your theme yet?  It’s not too late. Give it a try and see what happens.  You might just find your inner light shining brighter than you ever imagined possible. Just think how the world could light up from that!

Peace, Love, Lipstick, & *Sparkle*

Leslie   ~Sparkling Yogini

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7 Responses to Sparkling Fearlessness

  1. Karen Beth says:

    My word – or theme – for the year is STRONG. I am strong in so many ways but in some really important ways I’m not. I want to get more in touch with being strong and authentic for myself, because it is good for me, not just because I have to. 🙂

    • Karen Beth, Thank you so much for sharing your theme word here on my blog. I love hearing what words others have chosen and why. It’s also wonderful how everytime we claim our word (say it, write it, share it, read it, think it), its strength & influence grows a little stronger & brighter. Wishing you a very Happy & Strong 2012!

  2. melita says:

    i LOVE it!! it’s so you! i just blogged about my word (mantra) of the year. i think it’s important to kind of tie it all together with a beautiful big bow and live it every single day! ps that necklace is gorgeous!! hugs & namaste!

  3. Jess Rose says:

    Is the necklace you have on the silver one, or the gold? In one picture it looks gold, with a silver chain,and then it on you, it looks to be silver. I was just wondering because i am getting ready to order one and I am still debating between the gold or the silver. I like how the one you have looks. So, so tell is it the gold or silver one?

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