Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence

Sunday Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence

*Start with 12 Sun salutations to  salute the New Year & get nice and warm*

(Hold each of the following poses 3-5 breaths)

*From Downward facing dog, lift R leg and swing it through to a high lunge*

*Warrior three w/ R leg grounded*

*Standing split w/R leg grounded*

*Come back to a high lunge, and twist into revolving side angle*

*From revolving side angle, come back to center, and move into half split or full split–R leg should still be in front* (Breathe & say hello to your hamstrings!)

*Low lunge (with L knee on floor)*

*Step forward to chair pose (utkatasana)*

*Rise up onto your tippy toes while in chair (Remember, hold this 5 breaths…you can do it!)*

*Start sinking your bottom down toward the floor, and widening your knees to come into yogic squat (malasana) on your tippy toes, if this feels good to your body, if not, you can plant your feet and do a traditional malasana*

*Crow pose (bakasana)*

Sadie Nardini has a great crow tutorial on youtube. Definitely check it out if crow is new to you or a struggle:

*From Crow, come back to downward facing dog, and begin the sequence again with the left leg lifting this time*

As always, don’t forget to BREATHE!!!


Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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