Sunday Sparkling Yogini Sequence

Sunday Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence


*Begin by warming up your body with 5-10 sun salutations*

(Hold each of the following poses 3-5 breaths)

*Mountain Pose*

*Chair Pose*

*Twisting Chair Pose with left elbow on outside of right knee*

*Lift your left heel up (so you’re on your tippy toes), and then bring your entire left foot up towards your bum. Balance here on your right leg for 2 breaths, then slowly step the left leg way back and come into revolving side angle pose* 

*Place your left hand on the floor on the inside of the right foot and move into side plank~left hand down, right arm up*

*Step your right leg behind you for wild thing*

*3-legged Downward facing dog w/ right leg lifted*

*Swing right leg through to pigeon pose*

*With arms shoulder width apart, lift your body up, and move into fallen warrior pose*

*3 legged dog w/ right leg lifted*

*Swing the right leg through to high lunge*

*Warrior 3 (left leg lifted)*

*Mountain Pose*

(Repeat on the other side)

Don’t forget to relax & breathe especially through the challenges!


Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

**Always make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regime. This sequence is meant for those who have a regular yoga practice and are very familiar with the poses!**

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