To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. ~Oscar Wilde

Self-love is truly a non-negotiable if you want to sparkle & shine your light brightly out into the big, wide world.  Nothing dims our light more than self-judgement, shame, guilt, and other negative emotions directed towards self. Why is it that we can be so utterly hard on ourselves? 

Throughout this month, I’ll be posting regularly on the topic of self-love. I fully believe that self-love is the key that opens the door to living a fulfilled & shining life. Over and over, when I work with people who perceive themselves as broken or make poor choices coming from a place of lack, it is because somewhere along the way they became disconnected with who they really are: LOVE.

This month, pay attention to the stories you tell yourself about yourself. Notice when you are judging. Notice when you are critical. Notice when you are mentally beating yourself up. Notice. Then, soften to yourself. (This may feel very uncomfortable at first if you aren’t used to it, but just keep trying. Soften to yourself a little more each day.) Treat yourself with the same love, compassion, acceptance, and support that you would your most beloved friend or family member. You deserve it. You are worthy. You ARE Love. Practice telling yourself that every single day, and see how you begin to shine even brighter!


Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini 

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