Sunday Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence-Heart Opening!

Sunday Sparkling Yogini Yoga Sequence

Heart Opening

(You will need 2 yoga blocks for the end of this sequence.)

Start in Child’s Pose

(Bowing to yourself, breathe deeply through your nose. Feel your heart space opening a little more with each inhale.  With every exhale, surrender any heaviness of your heart to the earth. Just let. it. go.)

Alternate Cat/Cow 5-10 times

*Melting Heart Pose*

Warm Up with 5-10 Sun Salutations

(Hold each of the following poses 3-5 breaths)

*Sphinx Pose*

*Forearm Plank*

*Left Forearm Side Plank~lift right arm high*

*Downward Facing Dog~lift left leg*

*Flip the Dog (or Wildthing)*

*Downward Facing Dog*

*Forearm Plank*

*Right Forearm Side Plank~lift left arm high*

*Downward Facing Dog~lift right leg*

*Flip the dog (or Wild Thing)*


(Lower down to belly)

*Locust Pose*

*Downward Facing Dog*

*Low Lunge~right leg leading w/eagle arms*

*Downward Facing Dog*

*Low Lunge~left leg leading w/eagle arms*


(Drop your knees to the floor)


*Child’s Pose*

*Downward Facing Dog*

(Walk your hands back toward your feet at the back of the mat)

*Forward Fold*

(Inhale up to standing)

*Lord of the Dance Pose~holding right leg*

*Warrior 3~right leg lifted*

*Eagle pose~right leg over, right arm under*

(Come to Mountain pose for transition to other side)

*Lord of the Dance Pose~holding left leg*

*Warrior 3~left leg lifted*

*Eagle pose~left leg over, left arm under*

*Mountain Pose*

(Forward fold & walk both hands forward back into a downward facing dog.)

(Lower to your belly)

*Bow Pose*

(Roll over onto your back, and pull your knees into your chest.)

*Supine Spinal Twist both sides*

End the practice in the following heart opening yin yoga pose (demonstrated by Sadie Nardini) with your blocks.  Stay in this pose for 3-5 minutes.

(Once again while in the heart opening pose, breathe deeply, and feel the expanding sensation you created in your heart. With every inhale, allow that space to open a little more, expanding all the way into the back body. Exhale, surrender and release. Your heart is full!)



Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

**Always make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regime. This sequence is meant for those who have a regular yoga practice and are very familiar with the poses!**

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