Clear Out Toxins & Create Some Space

Toxins include thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs

that keep us chronically stressed.

~Dr. Hyman

As we are in the midst of spring cleaning season, I decided to address the topic of cleaning out toxins, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well. When we commit to clearing out toxins and creating spaciousness in our minds, bodies, work spaces, and homes, we begin to create a sense of lightness and freedom to move more fluidly and effortlessly throughout our lives.  It isn’t necessarily easy, but the effort is most definitely worth the outcome.

Below are some tips to create a little more healthy space in your life. Choose one or two and commit to following through with them!

Creating physical space:

*Clean your closets or any other area of your home (office, classroom) that feels cluttered.  Ask yourself:  Is it in great condition? Have I used it, worn it, needed it, etc. in the past year?  If the answer is no, get rid of it. 

*Before you make a purchase to bring into your home, ask yourself:  Do I LOVE it?  Would it feel wonderful to bring it into my space and home?  If the answer is no or if you’re wavering, perhaps you should pass.

*When you bring something new into your home, clear something else out.

*Stretch your body, get a massage, or do yoga.  The physical spaciousness you can create in your body with these activities will make you feel so good, and the release of toxins in your body will keep you healthy and well. 

Creating mental space:

*Take a day long technology sabbatical—that’s right: no phone, no e-mail, no internet, no pinterest, no facebook, no twitter. See how good it feels to be disconnected and free for even a short period of time.

*Unsubscribe to mass e-mails that are filling your in-box, but that you rarely, if ever, read or need.

*Keep a thought journal:  Take a few weeks to really pay attention to your thinking about yourself and your life. Write down any reoccurring thoughts you have during this time. Some examples of reoccurring thoughts you might have could include, “I am not good enough to….”  “I don’t deserve…” “He or she is better because…” For each thought, set aside some time to thoroughly and honestly examine each thought. Ask yourself:

-Is it kind? 

-Is it necessary? 

-Is it true?

-Is this a thought that is serving me in a healthy and productive way? 

If you answer “no” to any of these questions the thought is toxic. Period. The next step is to work on letting it go or reframing it. Your new awareness of the toxic thought is the first step to clearing it out.  Some helpful strategies to stop these habitual thought patterns include literally thinking “delete” each time you begin to notice the reoccurring thought in your mind.  If you are alone, you might even want to say the word “delete.”  You can also take a big, deep breath and on the inhale focus on the word, “Let” and on the exhale, focus on the word, “Go.” Or, inhale, “I am,” exhale, “here now.” Sometimes it’s necessary to repeat these strategies 3-5 times in a row to get the thought completely out of your head. Reprogramming our minds is hard work, but possible and necessary for a more positive life.

Getting rid of toxins and living with a sense of spaciousness keeps us healthy and well.    If you haven’t felt that spaciousness in a long while, (do not mentally beat yourself up with a toxic thought), be compassionate with yourself~as compassion creates space~and commit to start making small, positive changes. When we have space in our lives, a sense of true inner peace and wellness is possible~life flows smoothly and all those around you reap the benefits!

Where in your life do you need to create a little more space?

What are you going to do about it?

Shine on,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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