June Favorites ~2012 (including White Lotus pics)

Loads & loads of favorites this month!

*My zinnia garden blooming*

*Hens & Chicks~which I got because they remind me of my Grandma Nana who recently passed away.*

*Mozzarella with bruschetta & basil from our garden*

*Sleeping in a yurt at White Lotus with the screens open & the space heater on at night.*

*Learning more about yoga philosophy & teaching from Ganga White (an AMAZING man with loads of knowledge, wisdom, & a great sense of humor), Tracey Rich, & Sven Holcomb.*

*My Beautiful Yurtmates*

*The sweet & incredibly well-behaved White Lotus pup~Maizey*

*The White Lotus kitchen & all the amazing gourmet vegetarian meals that were cooked in it~thanks to the beautiful, artist chef Beatrix.*

*Practicing loads & loads of yoga in here*

*Giving Happy Buddha some love…as Ganga says, “The 1st step to enlightenment is to lighten up!”*

*White Lotus Dinner & Graduation Celebration night*

*Laughing & laughing & laughing with new friends*

*8 Angle Yoga Pose (astavakrasana)*

*My beautiful husband picking me up from the airport & coming home.*


Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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