Intention & Flow

“No matter how much structure we create in our lives,

no matter how many good habits we build,

there will always be things that we cannot control—

and if we let them, these things can be a huge source

of anger, frustration, and stress.

The simple solution:

learn to go with the flow.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Yoga is a metaphor for life and usually a fairly accurate mirror of how one lives.   As I was brainstorming topics to write about, I kept coming back to the theme of a yoga class I taught recently, and yogi or not, it just might resonate with many of you.

The style of yoga I teach (power flow) is one where we are often connecting one movement with an inhalation and another movement with an exhalation.  We usually go through a series of movements repetitively, so it can become almost like a moving meditation—a practice of moving with the rise and fall of the breath and going with the flow. At the same time we are moving fluidly, I encourage participants to move intentionally: It’s important throughout the flow to move very consciously and preserve the integrity of each pose for both safety purposes and a fully integrated practice. The combination of going with the flow and moving with intention is a powerful one!

While for some, the phrase going with the flow might conjure up negative visions of slacking, being lackadaisical, or not caring, going with the flow is actually a way of moving and being in the world which allows for a great sense of peace and purpose when combined with intention.  When one is clear about his or her intentions, learning to go with the flow can become a little less difficult. Each day you get up and put forth effort in the direction of your intentions, and then you simply let go and observe the results without overly attaching to them. You don’t have to react or respond to the results because you most often cannot control them.  You can practice allowing the results to be as they are and not get caught up in the “problems” your mind might start to create at that point.

How would life feel differently for you if you were able to more often practice allowing and going with the flow?  Once again, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a direction or purpose or intentions, it’s just a relaxing in to what happens once you’ve put forth your efforts.  Give it a try this month and see how it feels.

Shine On,

Leslie  ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to Intention & Flow

  1. Sara Moon says:

    Love your posts! You are VERY inspiring.

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