August Favorites ~2013

Filled up with gratitude for all of the following:

*8th Anniversary Celebration Brunch on our patio*

*8th Anniversary Celebration dinner at CC’s City Broiler*

*Pink lippy & new Om necklace*

*Dinner out with my Momma & fam*

*At home masks for my skin*

*Yoga on the patio*

Iphone Photos July 2013 057 Iphone Photos July 2013 059 IMG_5089 IMG_5095 IMG_5131 IMG_5132

I hope your August was filled with favorites, too!

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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2 Responses to August Favorites ~2013

  1. Jess Rose says:

    Reply Above, you are wearing a necklace I LOVE. Where did you get it? i MUST HAVE ONE! The one I am speaking of just shows you pink lipstick, a white shirt, and the necklace looks to maybe be in sanskrit with a 3 like symbol on it? Also regarding past posts 2012 ,You have a picture of you wearing a ME& Ro necklace. I ordered one already,but is your necklace the silver one, or the gold? In one picture it looks gold, with a silver chain,and then on you, it looks to be silver. I was just wondering because i am getting ready to order one and I am still debating between the gold or the silver. I like how the one you have looks. So, do tell is it the gold or silver one? Thanks, Jess

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