September Favorites~2013

Here are some of my favorites from this month:

*Celebrating my Sweet Nephew’s 10th Birthday with the family*


*Using these two products to keep my heels feeling soft*


*Fun metallic + dark fingernails*



*MAC Rebel Lipstick (it’s more of a deep berry color than pink). Perfect for fall.*


*Fun with Sweet Husband at Roots-N-Blues*


*My new, colorful ray bans*


*Brene’ Brown’s work.  I cannot recommend her books and TED talks and Oprah Life Class work highly enough! Being a counselor (helper), the follow quote really resonated with me!*


*Spending the day with my Mom & laughing until we almost cried*


*Finally getting to meet Kimberly Wilson in person!  (I’ve been following her work for years.)


*Favorite yoga pose: Supta Baddha Konasana on a bolster~this pose is exactly what I need after a day at work.  I’ve been coming home and doing it for 5 minutes each evening. It feels heavenly!*

I hope your month was filled with favorites!

Shine On,

Leslie ~Sparkling Yogini

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