Thank you for stopping by the Sparkling Yogini blog!  I fully believe everyone deserves to sparkle & shine in life, and my intention is to create a place that helps you connect to your inner spark (you know you wanna) and shine brightly!

Being a Sparkling Yogini means I have committed to shining my light daily with joyful authenticity~without apology. Some of my favorite shining moments include teaching yoga, counseling, and writing.

While I know our inner spark is what really counts most, this Sparkling Yogini likes to incorporate some sparkle into the physical world~you can often find me wearing bright coral lipstick, neon pink fingernails, turquoise on my toes, smiling at strangers, writing in purple ink, and donning silver jewelry.  I enjoy sparkling both inside and out!

I have a wonderful, shining husband, Jonathan, and a furry family of 2 cats (Zak & Zoey) and 2 dogs (Ziggy & Olivia).  When I am not teaching yoga or counseling, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking in parks, mocha sipping while reading in coffee shops, blogging, knitting, playing with my furbabies, decorating, bookstore browsing, watching youtube videos, reading self-empowerment books, and continuously learning & growing, so I can shine brighter each day!

I believe your biggest act of service to the world is to live your authentic truth on a daily basis and use your talents and gifts to their fullest.  Don’t hold back.  Don’t dim your light. Sparkle inside and out. Shine brightly.



Thanks so much for sharing your shine & leaving some comment love!

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